Maria Camilla Pallavicini

Maria Camilla Pallavicini belongs to one of the oldest and most prominent families of Italian nobility. She currently manages several companies that belong to the Pallavicini family, ranging from real estate to agriculture, as well as companies in the service industry and financial sector. She also manages the organization of events and conventions in the beautiful Aurora Palace, and owns the Pallavicini Gallery, one of Italy’s foremost private collections of paintings. A painter herself, Maria Camilla was trained at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, and studied under Oskar Kokoschka. Her works have been shown across France and Italy as well as in New York.

Very active on the cultural scene, she is the president of Athenaeum NAE, a humanitarian and cultural organization that organizes and sponsors research and education that focus on the application of universal principles of ethics to different areas of human life. In this capacity, she collaborates with the highest Italian authorities in the fields of education and research as well as with international organizations and personalities. She has worked through Athenaeum on a far-reaching project under the patronage of the UN and UNESCO entitled “Towards an Ethics of the Global Village”. The purpose of this project was to identify challenges and opportunities arising from the process of globalization, and to suggest operational solutions and ethical rules that transcend national boundaries while preserving individual rights.