Bahram Elahi, MD

Bahram Elahi, the second son of Ostad Elahi, was born in Tehran in 1931. A graduate of Montpellier University, he is a Doctor of Medicine and a Professor Emeritus in pediatric surgery. Concurrent with his medical practice, he has held positions as a researcher and as a teacher. He has authored numerous scientific articles and medical reference books, and played a key role in establishing a precise and coherent terminology for anatomy in Persian. He has directed three medical universities in Iran, and is a member of several medical institutions.

For more than forty years, Bahram Elahi has also thoroughly researched the origins, application and role of ethics and spirituality in contemporary society, both on the theoretical and the practical levels. His work builds upon the thought of his father, Ostad Elahi. For the past several years, Bahram Elahi has spent his time both in Europe and in the United States, translating his father’s works and giving lectures at French and American universities.