Research Partnership

The Foundation has developped a partnership with the CERSES Centre de recherche Sens, Éthique, Société, a joint CNRS lab partnered with Paris Descartes University.

  • A first research activity consisted in a call for publication on the topic “Ethics and Family”.

The goal of this call for contributions was to compile and publish selected works and organize an international symposium that would bring together several branches of science (ethics, anthropology, psychology, law, economy, sociology, philosophy, education, etc) and present the conclusions of international researchers to the following question: “What are some of the ethical issues and norms of moral behavior for today’s families living in an increasingly globalized world”?

The result was a two volumes book published in March 2011 (Éthique et Famille Tome 1 and Tome 2, L’Harmattan), a two days international and interdisciplinary conference in Paris (see the videos online) and the creation of an international “ethics and family” network with the goal of encouraging broader collaboration amongst researchers in the field, promoting more research, helping identify emerging issues, and fostering practices (in the fields of medicine, law, etc.) that emphasize the ethical dimension.