Awards for Education and Research in Ethics

Sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

The Ostad Elahi Foundation, in collaboration with the Management, Innovation,  Prospective Department of the CNAM, The Institut Mines Télécom-Business School, and Sciences Humaines, has launched its Awards for Education and Research in ethics in 2008 (each 2 or 3 years, 6th edition in 2020).

Ethics requires in-depth thought on that which motivates our decisions and the translation of those decisions into actions that are prioritized on the basis of their effects on “others.” By virtue of the fact that ethics leads us to awareness of the rights of others and to actions that contemplate and respect those rights, it enables us to develop our humanity, to reflect on and about ourselves, and to become cognizant of the impact of our actions beyond laws, norms and established customs. It is therefore an essential tool if we are to build a more coherent and just future.

Numerous universities have become aware of the necessity to reference ethics. Today, a wide range of disciplines incorporate ethics into their coursework, lectures, teaching, training, and research.

The objective of these awards is to compensate and recognize students, scholars, and professors whose work focuses on ethics and the study of respect for the rights of others, as well as the development of human qualities.

The jury, comprised of scholars and professionals from the worlds of education, research and the media, evaluates the applicants’ submissions and selects the works that best reflects the spirit, principles, and the objectives envisioned by the following two categories:

Research in Ethics:

  • Targets: Research in ethics conducted by scholars, professors, PhD candidates, and Doctors in Philosophy.
  • Award: 2000€

Education in Ethics:

  • Targets: Pedagogy by professors and outside speakers, department heads, directors, and deans
  • Award: 2500€.

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