Human Solidarity Day Collection

If the word “solidarity” means anything, this meaning should be universal and unrestricted. Of course, we generally feel empathy for those who are close to us, who are “one of us” (family, friends, clan, community, society); we empathize with the least among us, with those who are in need and those who count on our generosity and assistance. But solidarity is more than this: it is a bond that unites each and every one of us, and humanity as a whole. This is no wishful thinking: we have no other choice, and lest we forget it, the great crises of our times (9/11, tsunami, wars, etc.) serve as bleak reminders. Now this irrepressible feeling of solidarity and kinship must be translated into something concrete. Beyond the cultural divides and the occasional and circumstantial acts of solidarity, we need to set forth a method that will enable us to concretely develop and practice our humanity, within a human community that is worthy of that name. This endeavor has social, political, cultural, educational and philosophical ramifications. Solidarity is more than a feel-good concept: it has to be nurtured and practiced. It has to be more than this humanity at minima that we summon in times of crisis. Enhanced by common ethical and spiritual values, it can blossom into tolerance, and better yet, into mutual respect and active friendship. The “Human Solidarity Day” series is named after the events organized on a yearly basis by the Ostad Elahi Foundation. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of a true humanistic culture and to stimulate the spirit of community by setting forth directions for inquiry and analytical tools that may help give a direction to tomorrow’s societies.

The published books (in French)