Contextual Ethics Collection

Ethics is not a purely theoretical reflection that focuses on the content and application of moral values. It cannot be separated from our actions, and the work by which we form ourselves by interacting with our fellow humans, in specific environments. There can only be ethics within a context, be it social, economic, professional, institutional, geopolitical … People who are confronted with one or several of these contexts develop a specific practical knowledge and competence. Their “ethical sense” enables them to recognize the specific rights and duties that are at play in their environment, and they are forced to find a modus Vivendi between their personal, family, and religious values, and professional or organizational values that are not clearly delineated in advance.

A reflection on applied ethics can try to explore many dimensions: what is at stake, what tacit or explicit knowledge and strategies do we use to settle conflicts, how do we construct a personal and collective ethics… When we reflect on ethics within a specific context, therefore, we should not limit this reflection to defining a professional ethics or outlining a proper code of conduct for each specific context. Rather, based on the analysis of specific cases, the purpose of these woks is to shed some light on the practical modalities of decision making, and to offer new tools that can help us both act and reflect.

The published books (in French)