Study days

The Ostad Elahi Foundation–Ethics and Human Solidarity organizes one major conference annually on the subject of ethics.

These conferences aim at encouraging professionals, philosophers, institutional representatives, attorneys, and those who are directly concerned to share ideas and form discussion groups to further their knowledge of ethics and its practical application in specific contexts such as education, business, IT, music, etc.

These conferences are open to the public and are organized with the patronage of reputable institutions.

The Foundation publishes the acta of each conference featuring the contributions of all the participants in its entirety. The videos of the conference above 2008 are also available on the Web TV of the Foundation.

The conferences (the links return to the corresponding pages in French)

2017: An Inventory of the Teaching and Research in Ethics, 2nd ed.
2012: An Inventory of the Teaching and Research in Ethics
2011: Ethics and the Family
2009: Ethics and the Financial Crisis
2008: Corporate Ethics: A reality or an illusion?
2006: What has become of the right to an education?
2005: Ethics and Human Solidarity in the Age of Networks
2004: Individual Ethics, a new challenge for business
2003: Ethics and Education
2002: Is there a Musical Ethics?
2001: Mysticism, an ethical Paradox
2000: Does God have a place in Ethics?