Day of Human Solidarity

The Idea

The idea for the Day of Human Solidarity came to light on the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. More than a commemoration of the spirit of solidarity that the tragedy engendered, the primary objective was to perpetuate the consciousness that these events had generated and to reflect on them from a wider perspective – namely the conditions for universal solidarity and the common ethical and spiritual values that can orient the societies of tomorrow. Indeed, rediscovering and profoundly redefining the values of a human community true to its name has become an urgent priority. Yet the question remains as to how, to confer true meaning to notions of tolerance and solidarity in a concrete and constructive manner,

By reflecting on the remarkable image of our own condition, the contemporary world summons us to answer in good conscience the simple yet brutal question: what direction do we wish to give to our lives, and what meaning are we willing to ascribe to the notion of humanity. Beyond cultural divisions and superficial tolerance, the importance of ethics, rekindled in this time of crisis, compels us to define and establish practical conditions for mutual respect and genuine solidarity. The stakes of such an initiative are at once social, cultural, educational, philosophical and spiritual.

For practical reasons, the Day of Human Solidarity will host one or more events on the first weekend after September 11 that focus on a theme that contributes to the development of a universal perspective on solidarity. Ultimately, September 11 can come to symbolize, not mourning and terror, but a renewal of humanist aspirations that serve as the foundation of all civilizations.

The conferences (the links return to the corresponding pages in French)

2019 – Musics from the soul
2018 – From the meaning of death to the meaning of life
2017 – Women’s voices, mystical paths
2016 – One in the other: the Unity of spiritualities
2015 – Crossed views on Ostad Elahi
2014 – Medicine of the Body, Medicine of the soul
2013 – Why still believe in man?
2012 – Knowing Oneself: Why, How?
2011 – What Wisdom for our Times?
2010 – Spiritual and Rational: Paradoxical Alliances
2009 – Can Literature change the World? Dostoyevsky, Péguy, Salomé, Levi, Darwich
2008 – Can Literature change Us? Rumi, Dante, Montaigne, Tagore, Hesse
2007 – The Invention of Tolerance – Maimonides, Averroes, Las Casas, Voltaire, Lincoln
2006 – From Spirit to Ethics: Human Constructions
2005 – The Feminine Universal: M. Curie, H. Arendt, F. Dolto, C. Schumann, C. Claudel, E. Roosevelt
2004 – How does One become Universal? – Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Descartes, Mozart, Einstein, Luther King
2003 – How does One become Universal? – Confucius, Socrates, Avicenna, Galileo, Bach, Gandhi
2002 – Post 9/11 Ethical Figures
2002 – Concert for Human Solidarity